Company Overview:

First of all let us provide you with some background information about our company as the sole agent for the following companies in Syria.

Symrise GMBH & Co. KG "
Former Haarmann & Reimer Gmbh and Former Dracogo Gerberding & Co. AG whose main activities are specialized in the field of fine fragrances, perfume oils for industry, aroma chemicals and other aromatic substances for detergent and cosmetics in addition to flavors.

Bensdorp Holland
which became later a part of Barry Callebaut the worldwide companies for cocoa with its various kinds cocoa powder , cocoa mass and cocoa butter by covering our local market and supplying our customers who have factories for
manufacturing chocolate, candies, biscuits. and ice cream with all what they need.

Saudi Arabian Adehsive Factory - SAAF which is one of the leading manufacturers in Saudi Arabia in the field of adhesives, sealant, coating, paint and concrete admixture. Then, Ashwa Co. with the support of her partners namely Banawi Group and Henkel KG& A of Germany joined into SAAF and so the new management was organized by Ashwa while SAAF employees will provide the customers over the world with the most reliable and technologically advanced products in the market place.

National Batteries Company is one of the manufactures in Saudi Arabia in the field of JS Brand Automotives Dry charged Batteries.

Salama Chemicals Factory is one of the producers in Saudi Arabia in the field of Mineral oils.

The National Company for Clearing & paint Brushers Limited is one of manufacturers in Saudi Arabia in their field of cleaning and paint brushes.

Arabian Gulf Manufacturers LTD is one of the manufacturers in Saudi Arabia in the field of plastic & rubber industry.

In the year 2000, we established in Damascus Alghayth Company which specialized in the field of import & export, engineering , contracting and many various fields.

Our honest, clean and clear dealing locally and abroad in addition to the trust of our customers enable us to get a very good reputation in the Syrian market. In the year 2002, We expanded our business and established a branch for Alghayth company in Iraq specialized in the same field.

Assuring our best cooperation and thanks in advance.

Vice Manager
Abdul Aziz Ataya