Olive Oil

The Story of Olive Tree in Syria

The olive tree in Syria represents a very important part of our country’s culture. Syria is the original home of the olive oil tree where it was cultivated for thousand of years.
Syrian olive oil has a perfumed flavor and excellent taste which is in international demand. Syrian olive oil is free of insecticides because we used trap to catch the olive fruit fly.
More than 80 % of farmers do not use chemical fertilizers in their orchard. Most use organic fertilizers.

Olive Oil & Health:
Whether it is eaten raw or heated olive oil is the best option because of its predominance of Oleic mono unsaturated fatty acids and balanced polyunsaturated content and its content of vitamin E, pro vitamin E and antioxidants. This combination has a protective effect on human health.

1 ) The rate of curing people from gastric ulcer reaching to 33 %
2 ) Take two spoonful of olive oil on an empty stomach in order to get ride of constipation as olive oil energizes the function of gall bladder and the small intestine.
3 ) Reducing the infection of heart and artery diseases by preventing the increase of cholesterol level in blood.
4 ) It helps the growth of bones at children.
5 ) It contributes highly in forming the tissue of brain cells at embryos.
6 ) Delaying the old age diseases for being contained a high rate of antioxidants.
7 ) It is the best vegetable oil for frying foods as it is bearable a high degree of heating.

Ataya- Olivine Olive Oil
Our olive oil has the best quality among other kinds that are available in Syria. It is passed under two stages for filtering from cloudiness and impurity , stored into healthy stainless steel tanks to maintain its high quality and then subjected to the procedure analysis test conforming to the international and Syrian olive oil specifications.

Finally , our olive oil is packed automatically into bottles either glass or metal with different sizes specialized for olive oil in order to satisfy the needs of each family.